Voluntary Bodywork

Pilates was developed in the 1920s by the legendary physical trainer Joseph M. Pilates. Benefits of Pilates can include

  • Increased flexibility
  • Core strength
  • Muscle tone
  • Range of motion
  • Energy
  • Relief of pain due to tight muscles and stress
  • Enhanced posture
  • Overall enhanced sense of well-being

Pilates programs are very successful in rehabilitating the body after injury or surgery. The voluntary program is designed to build an individual’s body awareness and balance by stretching and strengthening specific muscle groups while placing no extreme impact on the joints. We call this voluntary bodywork because our clients are able to change and control their own body.

Involuntary Bodywork

Manual Therapy or Orthopedic Massage Therapy aims to find the root of your pain and discomfort. We look at your body as a whole and plan our treatments accordingly. We can free up any soft tissue related limitations to your body by altering our facial system with manual therapy. Joint mobilization, myofascial release, and PNF are some of the techniques we use to achieve better muscle and joint function. We call this involuntary bodywork because the therapist is making client’s body change so they can better control their own body.

Instructor Training

Pilates Foundations of Texas is a Satellite studio of Peak Pilates. We host certification trainings as well as different workshops for Instructors to help with their teaching journey. Jessica is the first Korean-American Master Instructor of Peak Pilates in the US that hosts trainings in Korean. 

Peak Pilates Education system is very unique in that we teach the fundamentals of Classical Pilates and emphasize an integrated and systematic approach for a balanced workout and unparalleled results. Instructors truly learn how to teach and balance flow with precision, not just what to teach, Our programs provide a formula to teach Pilates that is integrated fresh in its simplicity, structured enough for the new teacher, yet rich enough for the more experienced teacher.

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